How To File A Claim


1. Always contact Point Comfort Underwriters (PCU) as soon as possible when you know you are going to need medical care. We can’t feel your pain, but we can make the claim process less painful and we may help you save some money.

2. You are free to go to any medical provider you choose, but you will end up paying more if you use a US hospital or doctor who is not in the PPO network. So, just go to the PCYOU Personal Portal found at my.pointcomfort.com to find your nearest network provider or contact the helpful PCYOU team and they will help you figure out what your options are.

3. Some medical procedures must always be pre-certified. That means you or your doctor or medical facility must contact PCU in advance and provide PCU with information about your condition and anticipated treatment. If you do not do this, you will end up paying more. The Pre-certification requirement is waived if an emergency prevents you from complying. The following medical procedures must always be pre-certified:

• Inpatient care
• Any surgery or surgical procedure
• Care in an extended care facility
• Home nursing care
• Durable medical equip- ment
(wheelchair, hospital bed for home use)
• Artificial limbs
• Computerized Tomography (CAT Scan)
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
• Interfacility ambulance transfer

4. Keep copies of all bills, invoices, receipts, credit card statements, bank statements or any other document that shows you paid for something that might be covered under AnyTime® Insurance. Always keep evidence of your unused travel tickets.

5. Obtain copies of your medical records from any non-US providers BEFORE you leave their medical facility. It will definitely be more difficult, time-consuming and costly for you to obtain your medical records after you leave. And those records may be necessary for PCU to process your claim.

6. You MUST notify PCU of your claim within 60 days. You also MUST provide PCU with all the documents they need to review your claim within 180 days. Otherwise, your claim will not be covered.

7. Start your claim process by going to my.pointcomfort.com. You can also contact the amazing PCYOU team and we’ll guide you through the process.

8. All Transportation benefits must be approved in advance by PCU. If you don’t get PCU’s advance approval, then there is no benefit. Sorry…those are the rules.

9. Emergency medical evacuations must be approved in advance and arranged/coordinated by PCU. Our one-of-a-kind PCYOU team is available 24/7/365. Just call the number on your identification card and let the professionals at PCU take it from there.


Click the link to download the claims form:

PCU Claimant Statement Authorization Form

PCU General Accident Questionnaire

PCU Non US Claim Submission Form




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